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Zimmer Hip Replacement Lawsuit


Zimmer Hip ReplacementHip replacement is a normal part of life for many people as they age. As modern medicine advances and life expectancies grow longer, joints are subject to more wear and tear over longer periods of time. This means that in many cases, these joints need to be replaced. Hip replacement has become such a common operation, most of us don’t question the choice of manufacturer made by our doctor. If you or someone you know received a hip replacement procedure between 2006 and 2008, you may have a defective Zimmer Durom cup.

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Zimmer Hip Implant Recall

In 2008, Zimmer suspended sales of its Durom Cup hip implant component due to a high failure rate. The device was first introduced around the country in 2006, and has been implanted in approximately 12,000 patients nationwide.

Why was the hip cup recalled?

The recall was issued because, in a number of individuals, the Durom Cup was failing within two years after hip replacement surgery. The high implant failure rates were caused by the device’s inability to bond with the host bone, causing the implanted hip replacement component to migrate.

Who’s to blame?

Zimmer has claimed that doctors were at fault in not using the proper surgical techniques in hip replacement surgeries, but some experts believe the device is fundamentally defective. Many doctors and patients question why Zimmer allowed their Durom Cup to be used in thousands of hip replacements.

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